Data, Analysis

and Predictive Analytics

Believe it or not, you are already collecting data, probably tons of it. In some cases you may be collecting the “right” data and in some case not or not enough. You may or may not have a data-pipeline, a data lake or even a way to process it or analyze it. You might have very sophisticated dashboards or you might not.

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Can you predict what your customers will do or how they will react to your products or outreach?

We Offer

  • Strategic analysis of what data you should be collecting
  • Data capture design, pipeline architecture, design and implementation
  • Data lake architecture, design and implementation
  • KPI analysis, dashboard design and implementation
  • Data processing implementation
  • Result analysis and strategies on how to use them
  • Predictive modeling and how to take advantage of them
  • Predictive Churn, Conversion, LTV, Engagement, Social/Reach, etc.
  • A/B testing design, execution and result analysis

How do you use these services

  • We can build dashboards with your most important KPIs, work with your teams and empower your employees with point and click analysis and creation of custom dashboards
  • We can build data pipelines so your organization will never lack important data; this includes analysis of what your data needs are and what data you should exactly collect
  • We can help measure what products affect or influence the sale of other products and help you design more effective retail displays and creatives for marketing campaigns
  • We can help you measure how your customers influence each other on their purchases
  • Depending on your vertical, we can measure what part of your product is having issues and causing churn; conversely, what parts of your product are causing conversion. In other words, we can pinpoint what you should fix or do more