Marketing, Optimization

and Automation

The prevailing wisdom is that 50% of every dollar spent in marketing generates ROI and the other 50% does not. We do not think of marketing this way; close to 100% of marketing spent should be not only effective but also efficient.

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We offer

  • Help formulate a marketing strategy utilizing modern digital and data techniques, including social platforms and all major marketing channels
  • Help navigate GDPR, CCPA, COPPA and other privacy legislations around the world
  • Campaign design and execution including data capturing
  • Measurement of marketing campaigns reach and effectiveness via well designed AB tests, execution and result analysis
  • Marketing optimization
  • UA (User Acquisition)
  • Predictive spend modeling to effectively deploy resources on each campaign to achieve desired results
  • Integration and automation with major social and marketing services (Facebook, Google, etc.)
  • Marketing creative and messaging creation with multi-variable testing execution
  • Help in setting up digital products to best utilize data to track, measure and transform them

How do you use these services

  • Know how a set of campaigns are performing and, via automation, shift spend on an hourly basis, thus spending less and achieving more
  • Acquire a thorough understanding of who your key customers are and what they do, then design effective campaigns that activate them as your brand ambassadors
  • Figure out how different creatives and messages perform over time, territories, cultures, etc. then change as needed
  • Figure out when is the best time to interact with your consumers – especially on mobile apps
  • Design effective communications with your customers on a per channel basis; not all channels behave in the same way