The FESSEX Methodology

Executive Introduction

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Discovery is a four to six weeks engagement designed to understand the problem to be solved, validate it and make recommendations as to how to potentially solve it. The discovery process includes meeting with stakeholders, both in person and via video-conferencing, client interviews (if applicable), access data to validate against the problem, etc.

The deliverable is a document stating the problem, a high level approach to solve the problem and a high level strategy. Additionally, a high level definition of what should be covered during the Strategy and Plan engagement.

Client’s resources required for Discovery will be determined in the initial stages of the Discovery process.

Strategy and Plan

Strategy and Plan is a six to eight weeks engagement designed to not only expand on the high level strategy stated during the Discovery engagement, but also to develop a full strategy by expanding discovery and possibly running experiments and tests. The Strategy and Plan engagement includes meeting with stakeholders and additional personnel (if necessary), in person and via video-conferencing, access to data, possible interviews with company clients, etc.

The deliverables are a plan to execute the strategy and an implementation plan should engineering and development be required, including a first draft of a project plan, with resources, technologies, architectures, costs, timelines and product definitions.

Resources required from Client side: In addition to the executive sponsor, these will also be determined during discovery.


Is the implementation of the strategy and plan stated on the previous engagements.

The deliverables are those specified by the project plan.