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Case Study - Building A Cloud Based Data lake
fessex case study

Case Study – Building A Cloud Based Data Lake

We were hired by a customer to execute a project that included several advanced analytics and experimentation tasks…

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Case Study - How to reduce churn and increase revenue
Case Study - Fessex Consulting

Case Study – How to Reduce Churn and Increase Revenue

What would you do if you knew which of your customers are about to leave…

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Case Study – Product Recommendation Leads to Additional Revenue

Case Study – Product Recommendation Leads to Additional Revenue

Recommendation algorithm assisted in adding 15K additional product purchases per month…

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Enabling companies to make the best use of their data.

Drive more revenue, expand engagement, optimize marketing and increase consumer/client satisfaction by leveraging user engagement through performance-based analytics and experimental data science.

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The Team

Why do companies like Amazon, Apple, Alibaba and Netflix succeed so effectively at engaging their consumers?

They have fully understood and embraced that the “new” marketplace is the Web. They don’t just collect massive amounts of consumer data to analyze, but they also run mathematical models in order to anticipate and predict what their consumers want.

Their operations are continuously improving the loop of data, analysis, hypothesis creation, experimentation, change, and refinement.

Yours should be as well.

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The Data Journey

Turning Data
Into Actions

Before maximizing the effectiveness of your data, you need to understand the 5 stages of the data journey. Your organization may be at any one of these stages, however you will get the highest impact out of stage 5.

Fessex Consulting can help you understand this journey and enable you to turn your data into actions.

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Validate where your data is coming from (APIs, web server logs, transaction DB, POS, eCommerce system, etc.)


save that data in raw format to your data lake (S3, Cassandra, Snowflake, Dynamo, CloudFormation, JSON, CSVs, Parquet, etc.)


Cleanse and curate data to make it easier to manipulate, and store in a more accessible form (Postgres/RedShift, MySQL, SQLServer, Marketing Automation, ESPs, etc.)


create dashboards and reports by connecting your data to a frontend tool (Sigma, Looker, PowerBI, Tableau, etc.)


Create hypotheses and run experiments to build models (Churn, Conversion, pLTV, Cluster Analysis, etc.)


Big Data Infrastructure

Data Lake, CDP, Data Pipeline, Security, Privacy
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Staff Augmentation

Supporting your team with seasoned veterans
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Advanced Analytics

Churn, Conversion, pLTV, Dashboards & Reporting
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Other Problems We Solve

Learn more about how we can help you
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These are companies that have chosen us to help them with their needs

“Fabian and his team have been a huge value add to our company. In our case we had a major technology disruption that made original scope of work more difficult. Instead of sitting and waiting for fixes, they rolled up their sleeves and helped solve problems that we couldn't figure out. It is not often that you have a vendor come in and take such pride and accountability in their work. This team was knowledgeable, talented and committed to our success and the results were truly impressive. I can truly say they were a valuable "partner" in our journey.”

ShannonAlchemee GM


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fessex case study
Case Studies

Case Study – Building a Cloud Based Data Lake

We were hired by a customer to execute a project that included several advanced analytics…
Case Studies

Case Study – Product Recommendation Leads to Additional Revenue

The Problem One of our clients has a large stable of products to offer their…

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