Bringing World-Wide Digital Transformation to Our Partners

Leveraging User Engagement through Performance Based Analytics

Our main area of consulting is data, predictive analytics, experimental data science and marketing and operations optimization; these translate to retention, conversion, better user acquisition, more effective messaging, better product definitions and roadmaps.

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What is Digital Transformation?

Why do companies like Amazon, Apple, Hulu and Netflix succeed so completely with effectively engaging their consumers? We believe that it is because they have fully understood and embraced that the “new” marketplace is the Web. They collect massive amounts of data to not just analyze, but also run mathematical models in order to anticipate and predict what their consumers want. Their operations are a continuously improving loop of data, analysis, change, and refinement. Yours should be as well.

Today, every successful performance marketing campaign includes mathematical models. These models inform what campaigns are performing best, how to more effectively allocate resources, how to shift spending, how to adjust budgets, and even how to construct future campaigns to have a greater impact. These companies don’t just optimize revenue using these models. They improve reach, virality, engagement, CPI/CPM/CPC, and a variety of other metrics.

For us, Digital Transformation is about combining “old school” strategies and tactics with the latest tools which have proven successful to our partners.

We can help you in this journey,

by bringing your products to your customers in a more effective and efficient fashion.

Our verticals of expertise:

  • eCommerce
  • Media and Entertainment
  • Video games with a live ops component, mobile or console
  • Retail

We are always willing to learn about new verticals and how to bring Digital Transformation to them.

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